Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Playin' Catch Up!

I fee like that is what I am always doing!  Where does the time go?  A three day week end was not nearly enough time, but it was a start.  What I need is a three day work week and a four day week end every week. 
I decided to stay close to home over the holiday weekend and try to get something done.  Anything really.  Jim had to work both Saturda and Sunday, so it was a great opportunity for me to get to work.  Bella's dance classes have been moved from Saturday mornings to Tuesday and Thursday evenings, so our Saturdays are a bit more open now.  Being as this was the first Saturday though, we headed to Home Depot for their monthly project.  If you have kids and have never been there, I strongly encourage you to go.  Check your local Home Depot, but most of them do it on the first Saturday of the month.  They offer free Kids Workshops at many of the stores and they are great!  The children get all the pieces they need to make a craft, a child sized Home Depot apron, a certficate and a pin for their apron for each workshop that they complete.  A different one is offered each month and Bella just loves to go!  This month the workshop was a football table or stand..  (Bella choose the table.)
The finished product!
After we finished we ran a bunch of errands and finally made it back home. 
I was asked to help Michelle's best friend with some of the preparations for her upcoming wedding, so I decided it was time to get down to work on it.  She has asked me to do the favor tags, programs, name cards for the tables, a Mr & Mrs sign for the bride & groom's chair and a memorial bi-fold frame.  There are to be approximately 150 guests at the wedding, so its a lot of paper work!  The name cards look similar to this:
But in the colors of the wedding of course, but it is a lot of steps when making 150 of them, but I got that part done.  The favor tags with match the leaf in the small circle pictured above, and I've gotten those cut out, but haven't done the veining yet.  Good start anyway.

Monday was an absolutely beautiful day!  Perfect weather and Jim wanted to gt up and go. Unfortunately, my get up and go got up and went.  I was pooped and just not feeling well.  Tummy problems.  So he took Bella and Michelle and the went to the zoo.  They had fun and celebrated the last day of summer!

Hope you all enjoyed a great few days! 
I'll be back soon with more pictures and some crafty ones too!
P.S.  Bella ended the weekend by loosing yet another tooth!  She has now lost a total of seven-one way or another! Ha!

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