Tuesday, June 8, 2010


It has occurred to me that I may have built up the expectations of one little girl.  I understand that I it is possible that I may go slightly overboard on her birthday parties.  Just slightly.  Now bear in mind that I am a blog addict and I seek out blogs of all kinds but especially those that are related to crafty people.  There you can find parties that make mine look like amateur night at the Roxie!  Seriously.  But I love to do it for her which is why I do it and I realize that she has come to expect this type of birthday party.  That is fine, I understand that.  It is after all her fake birthday.  What worries me just a little and has me thinking that perhaps I've bit off more than I can chew is that this morning when she called me and gave me the countdown-today is the 8th, then the 9th, then, then, the 10th!!  She followed that up by saying 'GaGa, you should probably start getting the house ready'.  When I asked her what she meant she replied: 'Well, we can't have the regular, plain old house for my birthday, can we?'  Oh, of course we can't.  What must I have been thinking!  She doesn't really expect me to do it all again does she?  Does she?  Here are a few more pictures from Saturday.
Our Birthday Girl
Welcoming Guests...

Opening gifts...
Bella and Michelle
The goodies!

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  1. Well what did you expect LOL. If she got all that for her "Fake" birthday of course your going to go all out on her "Real" birthday LOL.
    Ohhh now you did it LOL.
    She is adorable by the way.