Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Birthday!

To this Oh So Special, Super, Spectacular, SIX year old!
Today she got up all giddy with excitement that today is actually the day.  She is really six years old! 
I had the pleasure of taking her to school this morning and on our way in the local radio station was reading off local birthdays and anniversaries when she said 'I wish they'd say my name.'.  Well, next thing you know along with the other names they announced 6 year old Isabella.  From the backseat I heard her gasp.  Then after all the names are read they do a drawing for one to win a gift pack from the Catoctin Popcorn Factory and being that it is graduation season they were going to give it to a graduate.  Then they announced the winner: 'Graduating from Kindergarten at Whittier Elementary School its little Isabella who is 6 today'.  She said 'What even does that mean?' and I told her it meant that she won the popcorn and she just couldn't believe it!  We got to school and she jumped out of the car and raced inside to share her excitement with her Mom.  Life is so much fun and exciting when your six!  So tonight we will go to her favorite restaurant for dinner-Outback and then  home for ice cream cake from Dairy Queen-her favorite.  Today her Mom will share lunch with her at school and then its dixie cups for her class to celebrate, since as she put it she's "not really a cupcake kind of girl."!  That girl just cracks me up!  It's been a fun filled week for  her.  Presents have been arriving in the mail all week (one each day), celebrations today, her name on the radio, then tomorrow is the last day of school, Saturday is her recital and then we'll round the week out with breakfast with the Princesses on Sunday!  Whew!  Happy Birthday, Bella!  We Love You!

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