Thursday, June 3, 2010

We Had A Bull Frog...

In our basement.  That's true.  This is what happened.  Timmy had a terrarium in which he had some kind of red bellied tree frog or something like that.  Over time he added newts to the terrerium.  To feed these things he would make trips to the pet store and buy crickets and some kind of disgusting worms for his 'pets'.  On one such trip one of the girls at the pet store who, according to Jim, had been flirting with Tim offered to give him a bullfrog for hi terrarium because it could not be sold.  Tim said sure and took the frog and put it in the terrarium.  That was a while ago and the first frog has long since moved on to froggie heaven, as have a couple of the newts.  (Newt heaven to clarify.)  Now we are down to one rather large, loud, obnoxious, bullfrog, and one pretty small, lethargic, sickly newt.  Said newt got caught in the filter of the terrarium and then there was just the big, loud frog.  In my basement. Remember we have a water garden in the backyard, with fish, snails, and yes, frogs in it.  So, let me put this in perspective for you.  I would be in my basement,  working on my crafts, minding my business, late at night, by myself,alone, in the dark.  When suddenly, cutting through the quiet, still night there could be heard a loud- BRRRUURPP.  It would scare the crap out of me!  Then the frog outside would answer and the two frogs would start 'talking' to one another.  One from inside-one outside.  And the one inside was in a large terrarium that was in desperate need of a good cleaning because its occupant was far too large for it and its' owner had moved leaving him behind.  What's a Mom to do?  Talk Dad into catching said frog and letting him join his froggy friend in the great beyond.  You know, beyond the back door-I'm not that mean!
We have a landing...

And lift off!
Can you see him there?  Jumping in to join his friend?  We have since heard them in the evenings singing to each other.  It is much better this way.  Trust me.  We are all happier with the new room arrangement!

In other news, I am still loosing.  That's right, the scales are still heading in the right direction.  It is a slow, but steady process.  I have only had one week where I had a gain and that was after my weekend in NJ.  Not sure why, but most likely due to some imbibing of adult beverages.  That is what I am attributing it to anyway, can't really think of anything else because I tried to be pretty goood considering the circumstances.  But I have learned to take the good with the bad.  So this week, I lost what I had gained.  I keep hoping to be able to add some exercise into the mix, but I just don't seem to be able to find any extra time in the day.  I am hoping that after the big birthday party is over I will be able to walk in the evenings.  I do continue to wear the pedometer on a daily basis and I find that I am taking an average of 9,000 steps daily.  Some days I do way more and some days less, but that is as I said an average.  I am working to make that average 10,000 and I don't think it will take too much effort. 
Well, that's about all for now.  Tomorrow is Friday, Bella is sooo excited!  Today she looked at me and said "GaGa, June 3rd!  Then June 4th and then June 5th!!"  We have yet to hear from 2 of the girls, Michelle asked Bella if she could ask the girls for their phone numbers so she could call their Moms.  Bella came home from school and said that the one girl didn't know her phone number but the other one did.  Michelle said great, what's her phone number?  To which Bella replied: 4837!  Either we  have a really long phone number or something got lost in translation!

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  1. I too would have let the froggie live with his friends. He will be much happier there :)
    Good job on bieng consistant with your activity.