Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Funny Little Story

Another Bella story to get you through your day.  Well they help me anyway!  Wish I had a picture to go along with this little bit, but you will just have to use your imanination.  Bella had been playing all day in a pair of purple shorts with a lavender floral top.  When I got home from work her hair was down and she had decided to add her pink cowgirl hat to the mix.  She was singing and dancing around for a while and then she started talking in her version of a southern drawl.  'This is how they talk in Texas, Ma'am' she said as she looked at me.  She went on to talk in her little drawl until G-Daddy announced that dinner plans were to run down to the Chinese restuarant for dinner.  Bella got all excited and ran upstairs saying she knew just what shoes she was going to wear.  Down she comes sporting her bright red cowgirl boots!  She was rocking the look, let me tell you.  Ha!  It was too cute.  (Something only a six year old can pull off.)  We get in the car and we are about half way there when she says 'Oh!  Do Texas people eat Chinese, Ma'am?'  To which we of course answered yes.  'Oh, good.  Then that's okay.  I can eat there.'  And I am fully convinced that had we said that Texans did not in fact eat Chinese food she would not have eaten it that night either!

The girl knows how to stay in character!

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