Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Lot of Nothing Much

That's what I've been up to!  Not too much in particular, but a whole lot in general. 
The weekend seemed to fly by as per usual.  Saturday morning was a bit unusual as my narcolepsy really kicked in and I was having real trouble staying awake.  Michelle and I would be mid conversation and I'd nod off.  I'd wake up just a few minutes later not knowing that I'd been asleep and wonder why she had just stopped talking!  It is a very strange sensation.  I just couldn't right myself and wake up until about noon.  So unusual for me. 
Anyway, we then headed out to to some shopping.  We decided to make Jim a nice meal on Saturday night for dinner since he was working on Sunday and would be gone from 11-7, so we bought all the fixings that we would need.  I made a nice dinner and left the clean up to Michelle.
Sunday morning we went out to breakfast for Father's Day and when we got back Jim had to leave to go to work.  That left just me, Michelle and Bella  home for the day.  It was hot and miserable and the weather forcast was calling for more of the same with a terrible air quality, so we decided to stay indoors for the day.  With that in mind, we headed over to see Toy Story 3.  We had all been anxious to see it and Bella reminded us that it was 'in theatres now!', so it seemed like a perfect opportunity.   But I'll tell you, it just eats at me to pay $8.25 for a matinee!  I had a coupon for a free small popcorn so Michelle got a small drink, a regular drink and upgraded to popcorn to a  medium and it was $11.00.  Crazy.
Last night Bella had try outs for the Dance Company that she had been invited to try out for.  There were like 10 girls who tried out and they expect to have only 5 openings.  We have no idea though how she did as all the parents were kept in the hallway and not allowed to view the try outs.  They expect to have letters out telling the girls of their decision by the end of the week.  I'm not sure how I feel about it to tell you the truth.  I think that if she is in the company it will be a good experience for her, but on the other hand it is a lot of practice and pressure for a small child.  Bella wants to do it and has a good attitude about making it or not right now, I just hope that doesn't change if she doesn't make it, as it often does with kids.  Right now her main concern is that she might be taking a spot from another child who wants it more or who would be hurt by not making the team.  So we'll just have to see what happens.
In other news, I am down 2.6 more pounds this week!  That makes a total of 18.something (I can't remember what she said exactly).  I had lost 6 right before I started so I am almost at 25!  I want to get to 25 with Weight Watchers though because then I get a key chain.  Stupid I know, but I need all the encouragement I can get!  Ha! 
Stay tuned, hopefully I'll come back with pictures soon...

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