Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend in Review

Warning: Picture Heavy!
More so than usual, this weekend was extremely busy.  Beginning with Friday night, we had Bella's dress rehearal for her dance recital.  I picked the girls up immediately after work and we didn't get back until 8 or 8:30.  I went because it was the only time that we could take pictures.  Timmy and his friends came home and spent the night at the house and got up in the morning before heading out on their camping trip to Dolly Sods in WV, so we were able to see them although it was very brief.

Our little ballerina.
This was their tap number and it was so cute!
Bella took a nap before the recital on Saturday and had to be woken up to go, she is not used to being up past 7:00.  Luckily the recital was at 3:00 and we were back  home by 5:30 so it wasn't too bad.  After dinner I actually was able to get the ironing done, clean the house a bit and then sit down and do some scrapbooking.  Before I knew it I looked at the clock and it was nearing 2:00 am, and I knew the morning was going to be coming soon and I'd better get what little sleep I could. 
Sunday brought the Princess Breakfast that we had gotten tickets to at the Way Off Broadway Dinner Theatre.  This year was the royal wedding and Bella was really looking forward to it.  The food leaves quite a lot to be desired, but the show is cute and the kids just love it!
Our sweet princess.
With the Royal Family and the Wizard!
After that we went home and caught a well deserved nap.  Bella again had to be woken up for our next trip-the ball game.  We got there right before 5:00 pm when the gates opened.  The kids were allowed to play catch in the outfield and that is something that Bella thought would be great fun to experience.  Also, the first 500 kids received a Webkin Oriole, so she got one of those little guys.
The game started at 6 and at the end of the 9th inning the Keys tied the score and they went into extra innings!  It turned out only one extra inning was needed and the Keys won the game!  Next it was time for the diamond dig.  It turns out that Michelle was only one of ten chosen-from Facebook.  There were 50 people in all.  The diamond was hidden in a marked area within the infield and they were all given spoons to dig with, nothing more.  Michelle said that under the initial loose dirt it was hard packed clay.  She was a mess and unfortunately, did not find the diamond.  Hopefully, it will help to make the make an improvement on the life of the person who did find it.  She had fun doing it though.

Here they are getting ready to go out on the field.
After the dig there was a firework display.  Bella couldn't wait for it to start and kept asking when are the fireworks.  When they started though and she first heard the boom she lost it!  She began crying and wanted to go home right away!  She didn't want to see them from the car or the house, she said please take me  home and put me to bed, and when we got to the car she begged me to drive faster to get away from them.   Poor thing, she was a mess!  Oh well, now we know our plans for the 4th of July don't include fireworks!
So, it was a long, and exhausting weekend!  I could really use a few days to recover to be honest. 
Unfortunately, that is not the case and the alarm sounded very early this mornig.  Ugh!
Oh well, on to the next thing.

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