Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of Kindergarden

Today is Isabella's first day of kindergarden. The kids here have a staggered start for Kindergarden with one third of the kids going on Monday, one third on Tuesday and one third of Wednesday and then all of them the remainder of the week. Bella started today. Here she is getting ready to head out the door, little miss attitude!

Michelle walked her to school and Bella was chattering all the way. She had packed her lunch last night-had to be healthy. (Peanut Butter & Jelly, Yogurt, Juice Box and a miniature Peppermint Patty. ) She reviewed all her sight words, picked out her clothes and went to bed early. She was ready! On the way there she found the shell of a bird egg, so she brought that with her. When they got to the school the excitement level rose, she couldn't wait to get in. Then they went inside and Michelle went to say goodbye and that's when it happened. The little lip went out and began to quiver. She was nervous. (Bella too!) Michelle told her she'd be fine and that she'd be back to pick her up and she left. Once outside the school she called me and said "Well, I dropped her off." I asked Michelle how she was and her voice cracked.. "She's not a baby anymore."
Remember those days? I am sure that my Mom remembers my first day of kindergarden. She may still have the marks on her neck to prove it! I had to be pried from my mother's arms. Oh, how I cried! I couldn't wait to get home, to make sure that Mom was still there. She was. Still is. Always has been there for me, for us all. We all made it through many firsts, Bella and Michelle have been too, and have many more ahead of them.
Last night Bella asked Michelle about her 'Daddy'. She said "Remember him, his name was M_____ moved away from him." Michelle said that yes, they did. Then Bella asked her when she could get a Daddy and gave Michelle some lame excuse about why she wanted one. Finally she looked at Michelle and said that she would 'tell her the truth', tell her why she wanted a Daddy. She said that she really just wanted Michelle to get married so she could get a baby brother or sister. (Preferably one of each at the same time.) Kids are so funny!


  1. she is sooo cute...and i can't believe she's in kindergarden! Aren't grandkids great?

  2. You forgot one thing from lunch- string cheese :+)
    -Your favorite child