Thursday, August 13, 2009

I may get grumpy...

I'm just warning you! I can't eat anything all day-and I like to eat! I have to go in tomorrow for a colonoscopy and the prep for this thing is just no fun. Not that I would classify having pictures taken of the inside of my colon as 'fun', but I'll be unconcious for that part of it. So for today, nothing but clear liquids and coffee does not classify as clear according to my doctor. At four I get to spice up my diet with a few Dulcolax tablets and I can follow that with a Gatorade/Miralax shooter. (A 32 oz. shooter!) Sound like fun, huh? The worst part is that I can have nothing by mouth after midnight tonight and the test isn't until 12:30 tomorrow. Sounds like a good time to start that diet I keep meaning to start. Ha! So that's my fun and excitement for the day.

The dr. will be looking for something specific and if he doesn't find it then he said that the next step would be going in and taking a look at my stomach. I asked if that would be done after the colonoscopy after all, I'll be out and my stomach will be empty. No, they'd have to do that at another time. Of course, I should have known. Anyway, I'm hungry! Enough of that.

Yesterday Bella informed me that next Friday will be the end of summer-in her book anyway. She said "What's up with that?" Then she will start Kindergarten. It is all day here, no nap. Could be quite an adjustment period for her. She is excited though, can't wait to read and do real math! She is always adding things and then asking if that is math. She loves it! Definitely did not inherit that gene from me. As you may or may not know, I do my best to avoid math at all costs. It doesn't like me. I can never figure out why I still have checks left if there is no money left. I loved school and got good grades until ALGEBRA! Boy how I hated that class. I did fine in Algebra I but that, unfortunately, was followed by Algebra II. That was the bain of my high school existence! I hated that class. Mr. Poploski was my teacher. He was nice enough and I'm sure a very fine teacher, but I just couldn't make sense of the whole making a number from a letter and finding the value of x. I didn't care and I didn't get it! Ask my Dad, he'll tell you. He is a math wiz, his mind just works that way. He would spend hours at the dining room table with me trying to get me to understand to make sense of it all. You have to understand that I was used to getting good grades. More importantly, my parents expected good grades. I remember once getting my report card in middle school and bursting out into tears. My friends asked to take a look and when I showed them they were confused. I'd gotten all A's and B's, with one C. But I got grounded for that C, they knew I could do better. And I did. So when after tutoring me all semester, I got a D in Algebra my Dad wasn't mad. He knew I did the best I could. Ha! A D, my one and only might I add. And aside from not being able to help my kids with their homework, I have never needed Algebra.

Yesterday I asked my sister if she had seen my blog. She said that no, she didn't know I had one. She said that if she had known she would have read it because she likes to listen to me ramble. Now I know what she means!

Anyway, here is some random cuteness! I hope it made you feel better, I know it did me!

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  1.!!! No way--- It is fun to read; it's like you're talking and I can hear you in my head --- a little scary, but it is what it is.