Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday-at last!

It's been a long week. The days have just dragged on at work and I hate that. I guess that everyone does. Yesterday I found out that I will be moving, and I am a little bummed about that. I currently work on the second floor of our 3 floor building, the executive floor. I'm not an executive, but I work with them. I have a small (and I mean tiny) office, but it has a door and I can shut it whenever I want to. So why am I moving? Well on Wednesday, I was given more responsibility and with that responsibility came binders and books. Several of them. And I have other binders and books in my office already and no where to put them all. So, my boss and I were talking and one of our co-workers was supposed to have ordered me a bookcase and I asked if she had done that. My boss said that she'd look into it and if it hadn't been ordered that I should just buy one for myself. She then went on to say that my office was too small, that I needed more space, etc. So yesterday she says not to buy the bookcase because I'm moving. Upstairs. To a cube! Hello, Dilbert! The cube is bigger than my office and has more space to put stuff, but it's a cube. No door! I feel like Charlie Brown must have when Lucy pulled the ball away when he would try to kick it. UGH! It'll be okay, I just keep telling myself that...
Anyway, the weekend is nearly upon us. I have plans, as usual. One of the things that I am planning on doing is cleaning my Scrapatorium. Boy does it need it! I can hardly walk across the floor as it is like a field mine. Stuff everywhere. So much so, that I can't find anything. Last night it took me nearly 35 minutes to find a particular piece of paper. By the time I found it I had forgotten what I wanted to do with it! I can visualize how I want it to be all I want, but when I get home-it is still a mess. So, I have no choice. I have to do it. Part of my problem is that I keep getting things to help me be organized and then I can't find anything and it takes so long to go through everything. Maybe I should better label things. Anyway, I hope to start on it this evening. By writing it down here I am kind of committing myself to doing it. Ha! We'll see.
In other news, last night as Bella was getting ready to go to bed some music came on and I started dancing a bit. She said 'GaGa, don't shake your hiney!' I said that she did it, why couldn't I. Her reply? 'When I do it I'm dancing, when you do it you're just shakin' your hiney.' Maybe she had a point.
Then this, overheard as she said her prayers: 'Hi God, I try to give a little of myself to you every day. Please pray for...' then she went on to list everyone and finished up with this 'and God, please pray for my GaGa, that's my Grandmother [I love how she has to explain this to God] because she loves my Grandaddy soooo much.' I wonder what she meant by that?

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