Monday, August 3, 2009

On Friday I knew that a migraine was going to hit me-I woke up feeling fuzzy and not quite steady on my feet. Luckily, I had a short day at work and was able to get home by 1:30. We had a terrible storm hit a short while later and I laid down on the couch to close my eyes and listen to the rain. I woke up at 6:00-the next morning! Talk about loosing time! I have suffered with migraines for most of my life. I have tried just about everything from chiropractic care, accupuncture, pharmaceuticals and herbal remidies, all with varying results. None that were a cure. I had some good results with Imitrex shots, but I developed an allergy to the drug and had to discontinue use. Anyway, it is a royal pain in the tail. Luckily they are not nearly as frequent as they used to be, but when I do get one it's a doozy.

Saturday I woke up feeling quite refreshed and was able to get a few things done. My dear friend Kathy P., and I had been trying to schedule a time to get together either with or without our husbands for dinner and Saturday night the four of us were finally able to meet at Gladchuck's for dinner. It was so nice to be able spend time with them. We have known them since our boys were seven I think and they are both now 23. Their son Bryan is getting married in October and we talked about the wedding plans, their first home and just caught up on each other's lives. It is terrible to say, but they live less than 5 miles away and we so rarely see each other! Anyway, it was great to see them both and I can't wait to see them, and the rest of our "A Team" again.

Right before we were getting to leave, Isabella was eating dinner when she yelled 'It fell, Mom. It fell right out!' She jumped up and ran to show everyone the small tooth that had fallen out of her mouth. The first to 'fall' out. She had to have 2 extracted due to an accident that she had where she did a face plant into a concrete sidewalk. She has decided it's better to loose them naturally.
And lastly, lest you think I have been totally slacking I was able to complete a set of cards and 2 clothespins on Sunday afternoon. Here is the proof.
aren at 4:45 AM

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