Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We inturrupt this life...

My Get up and go, Got up and went! Its an old joke, but it sure does justice to the way that I feel sometimes. And those times are now. I have been sore. Achingly, throbbingly, painfully sore. And it's no fun. I try not to complain, but sometimes I've got to. Often, mostly in the evenings, I want to run into the backyard and scream. I want someone to help me, to make it easier, to ease my pain and my worries. And someone does. Not in the conventional way that you might think, not with medication or exercise, but inside. I feel better knowing that I have the comfort of my home to rely on, some don't. I feel better knowing that I have the love and support of my family and friends. some don't. I feel better knowing that I am capable of having my legs take me where I want to go, even if it hurts, some don't. I could go on, but I won't. You get the picture, you know where I go to find that comfort, that sense of being well, that sense of gratitude. And I go there. I also take a break and drop my sore and aching self into this bubbling fountain of youth, pictured above. Now don't judge me, because we really couldn't afford this plunge. But we got it anyway. Why? Because when I am able to immerse myself in the warm, wonderful, wetness of water-I am temporarily set free. I am buoyant. I am weightless. I am young. I am free.
That feeling, that sense of being in control of my own self, my own body doesn't come without a price. Because you see, I have to get out. Sometimes it takes a while before reality rears its ugly head again, and sometimes it is just minutes away. But it is a reprieve.
And sometimes that is enough.

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