Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This was the view from my garage this morning.  I couldn't open the front door at the risk of letting all the snow in!  The news had reported that by 10 this morning, Frederick had already received 12" of snow.  Since then, it has not stopped snowing.  All day.  Snow.  My work was nice enough to let us know that if we didn't want to go in we could use unscheduled leave time.  Wow.  The driving conditions are so hazardous that cars have been ordered off the roads and the snow plows have been called back in as well.  So, no snow removal for the time being.  It is crazy! 
It is difficult to measure how much we have gotten because we can hardly see out the windows, visibility is near zero.  The drifting is wild, we have 9-10 foot drifts in spots, yet one area of our deck is practically snow free.  The winds are at 40 MPH and not expected to die down until later this evening.  Might have another snow day tomorrow. 
I have been able to spend some quality time in the Scrapatorium and with the family, so that is good. 
What's it like where you are?

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