Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Another sunrise

This morning as I was driving Isabella to her before school program, she pointed out the sunrise to me.  I glanced at the sun rising above the horizon and said a quick  yes, my mind already wandering to other things.  But then she pulled me back.  From the backseat I heard her little voice say "I love the sunrise GaGa." I was surprised to hear that and I asked her why she loved the sunrise so much and to my surprise she replied "Because it is the start of a new day. God is giving us a new day."  Then she rembered, "It's Groundhog Day!" she cried and began singing a little song.  From the mouthes of babes.  Indeed, He has given us a new day, a fresh start, a chance for renewal, a chance for redemption, another sunrise.  I smiled and agreed with her and a minute later we were at school, getting out of the car and heading inside.  I gave her a kiss and told her that I loved her and she said "I know!  All the way to the moon and back, but not as much as I love you!"  I left with a smile on my face and in my heart, what a way to start the day.
As I drove to work I couldn't help but think about what she said.  A new day, given to us by God.  So many opportunities await us each day, each day a gift.  Then I got to work and my day began and I quickly forgot about the events of the early morning.  A busy morning at work waited for me and it became more hectic by the minute.  I was being pulled in several different direction, able to be in just one place at one time, and unable to satisfy the demands that were being asked of me.  I wanted to yell, my frustration was mounting and with each minute that passed, I found myself becoming angry.  Then I stopped and I took a moment for myself.  I took a deep breath and looked out the window and saw the beauty the waited for me just beyond the window.  And I took a minute to pray.  To thank Him for the beauty of the earth, for the richness of my family, for a job that keeps me busy, and for a new day.  And I felt better.  My burden was lifted.  I could only do what I could do, no more.  And what doesn't get done?  It will still be there tomorrow. 
So I will keep working and when I leave for the day, I will reflect on what I have accomplished and what waits for me when I get home.  My family, and a 'special dinner'.  Bella's request.  Her favorite-ham.  In honor of Groundhog Day and six more weeks of winter! 

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  1. We all need to take a minute and breath. We can only do what we can do and no more. I like that. I will have to remember that.