Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Not Again!

Now, I try to have a good sense of humor about things.  I mean, generally I take things pretty well.  (For my brothers and sisters: I've grown!)  I do still have a bit of the "Drama Queen" in me, that is just my nature but by and large, I have learned to go with the flow.  So when we hear that snow is expected and everyone is caling it 'that four letter word', I let the kid in me come out and get a bit excited.  I'm not afraid of driving in the snow after all, we had more than our fair share growing  up in N.W. New Jersey, I've even been known to play in the snow a bit.  But may I just say: Enough Already!!!  Yes, we are expecting another storm to dump more snow on us today and tomorrow.  Actually, it is two different systems that are expected to come through and the they have upped (is that a word?) the expected totals from 6-10" to 12-20".  Oh- My- Goodness!! 
Jim and Timmy did a wonderful job of clearing the snow that we got over the weekend.  They did the very large majority of it, but I did help.  A little.  After the plow came through and cleared our road, if you can call it that, our driveway was then blocked in.  I went out front to attempt to work on that while Jim and Tim were in the back clearing off the deck and hot tub.  I was only out there for a few minutes before my neighbor came over with his snow blower and said that if I loosened the snow, he'd then use the blower on it.  No problem, right?  After about 20 minutes of it my arms were burning and I was experiencing some serious pain. 
Let me say that I do have some difficulty in comparing pain levels and discomfort because of my MD.  When I was going about the diagnosis process and was asked what I was experienceing, I would describe the initial discomfort as somewhat akin to what you feel after having had your blood pressure taken, and go on to describe that a bit.  Finally, one of the doctors looked at me and said that most people do not feel pain or any lasting discomfort after having their blood pressure taken.  Hmm, news to me.  So maybe you can see where I am coming from, I can't always compare things in an accurate manner because my sense of normalcy is different from most.  But let me tell you this, my arms were KILLING me!  After finishing up and going inside, my arms were shaking and twitching.  That evening, I spent some time in the hot tub hoping to alleviate the muscle spasms and cramping that I knew would come.  (Yes, I went outside to use the hot tub in 30 degree weather.)  When I woke up yesterday morning and attempted to move, it was then that I knew that the hot tub had not worked.  Every inch of my arms, chest and underarms ached!  Driving was difficult.  I mean, I hurt.   And as I said, I only did a little. 
(Bella had some fun!)
Jim was probably aching all over.  Not that he said anything, because he didn't.  That is until yesterday.  When I got home from work he was on the phone.  He got off and said hi and a short time later he again went to his den and got on the phone.  Later last night, he told me that he had called every store in our area looking for a snow blower.  He said that he just didn't think that he could move another inch of snow, let alone another 10 or 20!  Unfortunately, there was not one snow blower to be found.  I guess everyone had the same idea.  So, it looks like we will be shoveling again tomorrow or later today even.  Say a prayer for me, would you? 
Chester likes the snow.  He'll go outside and just lay down in the snow.  Timmy let Chester borrow his scarf!

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