Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Morning After...

Thursday.  The morning after the blizzard of 2010.  We survived.  The winds yesterday and last night were unbelievable!  The house was quite literally shaking.  The snow finally stopped, sometime late evening and today dawned with a beautiful blue sky and the sun shining.  Although it is difficult to tell how much more snow we received, the t.v. news reported somewhere between 20-24 inches.  We started the big dig out this morning.  Jim and I went out and I lasted about 45 minutes.  It was brutal.  The snow is so heavy it was difficult to lift the shovel.  Jim stayed out and Michelle joined him for another hour or so, before they came in to take a break.  After the break, Tim joined forces with Jim and they worked for another 2+ hours and were finally able to free up the driveway and the cars.  We haven't seen a plow yet, but the road crews are back on the roads and working hard.  Most of the roads in the area are closed, and there is a state of emergency in effect.  Cars are not allowed on the roads and face a $500.  fine.  Crews worked to retrieve 30 cars burried in the snow on area roads and 23 people were stranded in the blizzard.   Some waited 10 hours to be rescued, some all night long.  Now they are trying to focus on clearing the roads and opening them up to traffic again. 

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