Monday, February 15, 2010

Lazy Weekend

And that was okay with me!  I have not been feeling well as of late and I have been struggling with it.  I'm being brought down by constant headaches (terrible ones), pain and extreme fatigue.  I try to just go on about my business, but sometimes it is more difficult to deal with and this has been one of those times. 
So, Friday night we stayed in.  I watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and then thought I'd go to sleep, unfortunately sleep eluded me.  I was up for the large majority of the night, so Saturday morning I didn't feel too rested. 
Michelle had asked me to drive her and Bella to dance class, because the roads (and the drivers) had Michelle freaked out and she didn't want to deal with the downtown structure on top of it all, so I too them.  Let me just say, the roads were awful!!  They had been plowed, but most were one lane and that was all ice that was rutted.  Huge mounds of snow everywhere, trees were down and people were getting stuck in the middle of the road,  It was not fun!    After dance, we pretty much did nothing.  Jim had wanted to run a few errands with me and I tried, but was really struggling and felt just awful so we went home.  After some rest, I felt the need to redeem myself to Jim for pooping out on him, so I made him one of his favorites for dinner-chicken pot pie.  I used the Pioneer Woman's recipe and it was delicious!
We had to  miss church again on Sunday and I really hate that, but between me feeling poorly and the downtown roads, we didn't have much of a chance.  Our church is in downtown and the parking can be a challenge on the best of days, but with the snow on the sides of the roads there is very little to no parking.  It is one of the disadvantages of our church, but because there are so many advantages to it we stay.
Bella had been excited all week about Valentine's Day.  She just couldn't wait!  All week she worked hard on little projects for each of us and when she went to bed on Saturday night she said I'll see you on Valentine's Day!  She had even suggested to her Granddaddy that if we were up to it (meaning me!) we should go out to dinner.  So she came down in the morning with cards for Jim and I as well as a small box of chocolates.   We had to be in the room together and then we gave her a box of chocolates and a little gift and a card.  She was just so excited!  After a breakfast of red pancakes, which I cooked, Jim ran to the grocery store and came home with flowers for me, Michelle and Bella and these babies:
Yum! He is so thoughtful and loves to give gifts!  They are of course chocolate covered strawberries and where the stem was removed it is stuffed with a mixture of ricotta cheese and whipped cream, like a cannoli cream.  So good!  Michelle had bought sparkling grape juice and so we had a little celebration.  Bella ate three of these strawberries!  She thought they were just great!

She also insisted on 'cheering' with her glass.  She is too cute!  She thought that the special juice tasted just like the 'stuff we dip our bread into at church'! 
Afterwards, Bella went off to play in her room and Michelle and I watched "The Proposal".  It was a very cute movie, if you haven't seen it I'd reccomend it.  After my nap, we all went off to Longhorn for dinner and when we got home we watched The Amazing Race.  It was a great day! 
So, what did you all do?  Hope everyone had a great weekend.


  1. Your daughter is so cute.
    Those chocolate covered strawberries look delish.
    We stayed at home and watched the olympics Horror movies and the Amazing Race.
    I did make some Valentines Treats.

  2. Yummy treats! You know, we stayed in for Valentine's. Hate the crowds. Yes, I've seen the Proposal, and I laughed by arse off. :) Betty White is the best.