Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Tim!

Yesterday was Timmy's birthday, my baby is 24!  He has had a lot going on in his life as of late-for the good.  He currently works nights as a sous chef as a restaurant in DC and he recently was hired by the place next door to work days.  He will be one busy young man!  The chef/owner of the new place is Michel Richard, a rather famous French Chef.  Tim is very happy to be working there and learning new techniques, but he now works from 9-3 at one place and then at 3:30-close at another.  Which brings up the next change, Tim is moving out.  Flying the nest.  He and 2 friends all cooks, have found an apartment in DC just 11 minutes via Metro from their work.  I know it is a good thing and I am thrilled for him on many levels, but I'm going to miss my boy!
So is this little girl!  She just adores her Uncle and her face just lights up when she sees him.  The feeling is quite mutual I assure you.   His tentative move in date if all goes as planned is March 1st.  So wish us all luck!  Changes for him, but for us as well! 
We have been struggling with issues of space in our house as of late.  Our five year old grand daughter has a LOT of stuff!  (As do we.)  So with Timmy moving on, it frees up his living space.  He is currently in the basement which is finished to include a small bedroom, a full bathroom and a large rec room with a walk out to the patio and back yard.  Jim currently has his den in Tim's old bedroom upstairs, which is a fairly good sized room, and Bella is in the 4th and smallest bedroom.  The plans are first and foremost to  paint the basement  as Tim moved in before the painting was even done!  Once that room is painted, Jim will move his den stuff downstairs, then we'll paint his old den for Bella and move her in there and then paint her old room for- ME!  Yes, I will have a real scrapbook room once again!  It will include a TON of painting, cleaning, organizing, but it will be worth it in the end.   I can't even begin to guess how long it will take.  I just hope that when we finish Timmy doesn't decide that he wants to move back in.  Ha!  So lots on the horizon.  Anyone interested in some painting?

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