Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Monday!

Welcome back!  I had a rather productive weekend, how about you?   Friday night I was bogged down by this migraine headache-still.  I can't seem to shake it for good.  It will go away for awhile and then rear it's ugly head back up, making my life miserable!  I really wish that we could find something that would work for me to get rid of the pain and prevent the re-bound headaches from occuring.  So needless to say, Friday I didn't get too much done.
Saturday we took the little one to dance and when it was over we went out to find that it had begun to snow.  We were only expecting to get an inch or snow, but as the snow kept falling and falling it became apparant that the weather man was wrong.  Go figure!  We wound up getting about 6 inches.  I had to go out in the midst of it all to make a hair appointment, which I wasn't going to miss.  So I got my hair done, cut and highlighted.  Had to get rid of the 'pilgrim' look.  Ha! 
Sunday I stayed in all day and it was great!  I got many of my completed scrapbook pages actually in the scrapbooks.  I don't work chronoligically so I tend to keep the pages in a plastic storage box until they are in some kind of an order.  I started Bella's new album and completed another one page spread for the front. 
She saw the page and asked why she was crying in the second picture on the left.  She's not crying, she was putting the heart in her stuffed animal and the girl that was helping her told her to make a wish before she put the heart in and that is what she was doing!  I cleaned up my room a little and got a few more pages completed, so I felt really productive. 
I know the picture quality isn't great, sorry for that!   I was photographing them in my Scrapatorium and it has no natural light in it.  I love the picture of Bella in the bottom layout, with her mouth wide open.  She had such a great time that day and it shows! 
I also had time to take a nap, watch a movie with my daughter and spend some time with my son, too! 
All in all, a good weekend. 

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